Emergency Closings & Delay Information

The decision to close or delay Richmond Community Schools relies on many factors and is a collaboration between all county schools, and emergency personnel. We take into consideration the current weather, road conditions, as well as the duration of the wind chill factor predictions.

As a general rule from the National Weather Service, a wind chill factor of -19 degrees will be the determining factor as to whether to close or delay school.  Frostbite can occur on exposed skin in a relatively short time for children out in extreme temperatures. Parents are encouraged to ensure that students are appropriately dressed for these conditions while waiting at the bus stop or walking to and from school.

The following is a list of the emergency options used by Richmond Community Schools. Please discuss these with your children and plan what to do in each instance.


All Richmond Community Schools' Schools will be closed. No Buses will run.

2 Hour Delay

  • Richmond Community Schools, including Child Care programs, will have a 2-hour delay in starting school.
  • Buses will run 2 hours later than usual. Pick-up points and announced dismissal times will remain the same.
  • A free breakfast snack will be offered.
  • No morning preschool. 

Early Dismissal

Richmond Community Schools, including Child Care programs, will dismiss students early. Listen for notification on local media.

Announcing Closings and Delays

Richmond Community Schools uses several methods for communicating and announcing delays and closings. The following describes these methods:

  • Web site. Visit the Home page of the RCS Web site at http://www.WeRRichmond.com for the latest announcements.
  • Social Meda. Subscribe to our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter handle to receive late-breaking information.
  • Automated Phone Calls. We will send out an automated telephone announcement to all parents and staff for all school closngs and delays.
  • Local newspaper. The Palladium-Item newspaper's web site lists local school districts' closings and delays.
  • Local media. We call a number of local radio and television stations to announce our closings and delays. See the following section for the list of stations we call.

Important Note For Tuesdays

The Indiana Department of Education has regulations on the approved minutes for daily attendance.  School corporations have been directed in a recent communication not to have an early dismissal at the end of the day on the same day there is a two-hour delay in the morning.

Richmond Community Schools has kept a strict routine for Tuesday early releases, but we will need to adjust on days we delay, in order to meet these guidelines.

If Richmond Community Schools has a two-hour delay on Tuesdays, students will be released at the regular time.

Local Media Announcements

Whenever possible school closings and delays will be sent to these stations before 6:30 am.

Station Channel Comcast Cable
WHIO 7 7
WISH 8 8
WRTV 6 42
WTHR 13 13


Station Frequency
WKBV 1490 AM
WFMG (G1013) 101.3 FM
WHON (1017thePoint) 101.7 FM
WQLK (Kicks96) 96.1 FM

Family Planning

In the event of a closing or delay, please heed the following planning suggestions:

  • Make plans for alternative child care.
  • Listen to the weather forecast the night before.
  • Allow extra time in the morning to listen to the radio or television station of your choice in the list above.
  • If your children ride the school bus, have them dressed and ready to go. The bus may be running behind schedule because of poor road conditions.
  • If you wish to drive, watch for school buses. Remember to allow extra distance for stopping, reduce your speed, and be prepared for buses to stop to pick-up or let students out.
  • If early dismissal of school is necessary, the announcement will be made on the radio and television stations listed above.