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Wonderful News for RCS Families

All Richmond Community Schools have been designated as CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) for the 2018-2019 school year. This means that ALL students will receive a free breakfast and lunch each school day for the entire school year!! Without filling out a meal application. If you would like textbook assistance applications will be available at registration.

What does "reimbursable meal" mean? It means the student must have a complete meal that has at least 1 fruit/ or vegetable to be considered "reimbursable".

What happens if my child doesn't want the complete free meal? We are happy to sell milks, pizza slices, sandwiches and other items.

What if my child packs their lunch and wants a milk? We sell milk at every building for $.45.


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Parents can load money onto student lunch accounts


After School Snack           

RCS is offering the After School Snack Program to any of our district schools that have after school activities, including tutoring, studying, and physical enrichment. This program is to help sustain the energy level of students staying after school, until they can leave for home and have their evening meal. Snacks include a bread item and 3/4 cup of juice or fruit. 

Please contact your school if you are interested in one of these programs.

Después de escuela Snack RCS está ofreciendo el programa de merienda escolar después a cualquiera de nuestras escuelas del distrito que tienen actividades extraescolares, incluyendo tutorías, estudio y enriquecimiento físico.  Este programa es ayudar a mantener el nivel de energía de los estudiantes que quedarse después de escuela, hasta que pueden salir de casa y tener su cena. Aperitivos son un artículo de pan y 3/4 taza de jugo o fruta.  Póngase en contacto con la escuela si usted está interesado en alguno de estos programas.





School Menus

Elementary and Intermediate School Menus     

Please take the time to go over our menus with your children. Not only do we have the daily foods listed, but so much more! Fresh Fruits will be offered daily and dark green, orange and red vegetables, and legumes will be offered weekly. Fresh vegetables will also be offered throughout the week, as well.

Richmond High School Menu

Fresh fruits and vegetables will be offered daily.        

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Fruit With Apple-Cinnamon Dipping Sauce

Try Some "Edamole"

See The Spreads

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 Paid Lunch Prices for 2017-2018

 Hibberd and High School $2.50 (reduced price .40)

 Elementary  $2.25 (reduced price .40)

To Read the RCS Charge Guidelines click here:

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

                       For the 2017-2018 School Year the following schools will participate:                         

  • Charles Elementary School
  • Community Youth Services
  • Crestdale Elementary School                                
  • Fairview Elementary School
  • Starr Elementary School                                
  • Vaile Elementary School       
  • Westview Elementary School   
  • Elementary Classes at Hibberd Intermediate              


We sincerely appreciate the support of our Principals and teachers with this program!!!




----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015-2016 Food Services Organization Chart


To read the USDA Civil Rights Statement please click here.                                       

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost for a full pay student meal?

A.   At the elementary schools, $2.25. At the intermediate and high school, $2.50.

Q. Why do full pay meal prices keep going up?

A.   We are now required to match the free meal reimubursement price, with the full pay meal price.   

Q. Does the Food Service receive money to support their programs from the school system?

A.   No. Our department is supported by cash taken in at our registers and meal reimbursements from the State of Indiana (USDA monies) .

Q. Are the food donated by the USDA free?

A.   No We are assigned commodity dollars each year according to our lunch participation. We then use these dollars to send pounds of chicken, cheese, potatoes, beef, pork, eggs, etc. to processors. We then either put these products on our yearly food bid or purchase the foods directly from the processor at a discounted price. We also purchase available fruits and vegetables from the State at discounted prices.

Q. Why do I see so many carrots and celery on the elementary menus?

A.   The new meal standards require students to have 3 servings of red/orange vegetable per week. Although we will continue to offer sweet potato fries as an alternative, this is not a popular food and we offer the carrots as an alternative. As we use Offer vs Serve, meaning we can offer the food but the student can choose to take all or part of the meal, we also offer celery as a choice too.

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 Recipe for Peanut Butter Bars


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