Parent Resources

The following resources are available to parents of RCS students to assist you in helping your child be successful in school and in life.

If you don't find a resource to address your needs, don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher(s) or one of our administrative staff members for help!

Resource Description
Resolving Differences Between Teachers and Parents Strategies for Parents to Resolve Differences by modeling appropriate behavior for their children.
Strunk and White - The Elements of Style The Elements of Style writing guide
Three Reasons to Keep a Sick Child Home It's a typical school-year dilemma for parents - is their child sick enough to stay home?
Tips to Encourage Summer Reading (Grade Specific) Help in teaching reading and making it fun!
Title I Link to the RCS Title I information
Too Busy To Be Involved In Your Child's School? Think Again! Simple ways you can get involved in your child's school in just 5, 10, or 15 minutes
Transcript / Records Request Procedures on how to obtain copies of transcripts and/or records.
Transportation Request Form (T-10) To be completed by parents to request bus transportation.
Transportation Request Form (T10) - Spanish To be completed by parents to request bus transportation.
Twelve Words that Trip Up the "At Risk" Student on a Standardized Test Words to help your child understand in preparation for taking standardized tests.
Uniform Code of Student Conduct Click the link to read the Student Code of Conduct. The Student Code of Conduct document describes the rules about student conduct for all RCS students.