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Fairview Mission Statement: Educate students who are literate, responsible, and proficient in state and national standards and college/career ready. 

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General Reminders:

Students are to be in class for instruction at 7:50am. Breakfast is available free to all students in the classroom. If your child arrives after 7:50am, they must sign in at the welcome desk and proceed to class. 

Parents/Guardians who would like to pick up a student before the end of the day must report to the office and sign the student out. It is best to schedule appointments before or after school whenever possible. With the exception of emergency situations, please do not make transportation changes after 1:00pm on normal schedule days. . 

The only door that is accessible to visitors during the school day is door number 1. Please ring the doorbell and someone will assist you. All visitors will be asked to sign in, sign out, and wear a visitor's badge. 

Please remember that the safety of our students is of the highest priority. During arrival and dismissal, we ask that all parents and guardians remain outside. Staff will be present to be sure all students are safe. 


Fairview Pledge

I am a member of the Fairview Pride.

I will:

-Practice Respect

-Accept Responsibility

-Work Together

-Show Self Control

I am a Fairview Lion.


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